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2019 Annual Report

To our fellow stakeholders,

Thank you. Yes, thank you for all your support, as the success we achieved in 2018 is just a reflection of the trust you have in us.

Why are we beginning our annual opportunity to speak directly with everyone with a thank you? It’s simple. Every success we have achieved in 2018 is just a reflection of the trust thousands of people have in us. It is their trust that led to records in virtually every key area of measurement in 2018:

  • Active daily guest accounts

  • Sales

  • Net income

  • Top 10 NJ Hot Dog Joint -

  • Top 10 2019 NJ Best Places to Eat -

  • Best Frites - Night and Day Magazine

Are we proud? Yes, of course. But furthermore, we are grateful and humbled. We are grateful for the trust our customers and our team place in us. We are humbled by your response to our “hot dog” and “sausage” approach to craft casual. Once again, thank you!

The world we operate in is changing faster than ever before. The traditional expectations for price versus quality trade-offs are breaking down all across our economy. Relish prides itself on fulfilling these expectations with our use of fresh ingredients, homemade recipes and passionate customer service.

We are committed to continuing to drive impact through these four cornerstones:

Customer Service

For our customers to feel good about Relish, we know they need to feel good about our food, our company, and our impact on the community. We are committed to honoring the trust they place in us as we use our scale for good. We are determined to outperform our competition with training our team to treat customers as we would want to be treated. This is the #1 priority for the Relish team.

Team Relish

At Relish, the philosophy is simple: great hot dogs and sausages, crafted in a clean restaurant, run by friendly staff. The success of these company pillars depends heavily on our crew members, which is why we want our team to feel pride and ownership in their company.


Our fundamental, day-to-day responsibility is to run a phenomenal restaurant. Our high quality products serve as the foundation for our growth strategy. This along with simplicity and experience are the building blocks of this plan.

Delivery, digital and experience are accelerators within our plan, and they illustrate how we are moving with great speed and agility to meet the rising expectations of today’s customers. We are making it easier for our customers to enjoy their favorite food from Relish with greater flexibility and choice in how they order, pay and, are served.

Building Brand Excitement in 2019

The year ahead brings new opportunities to build on our momentum and growing excitement around the Relish brand. We will continue aggressive execution of our growth plan and expanding our accelerators. This framework will be the foundation for which we advance our franchising strategy.

The progress we are making is the result of our work to improve the taste and quality of our food, offering compelling value, enhancing hospitality and convenience, and expanding our menu to satisfy our customers’ cravings.

With as much progress as we have made, we are still driven by a restless energy. We are inspired to stretch for even more, demonstrating our leadership excellence and innovation that satisfies consumers. Thank you for your confidence and support as we continue to RELISH in the opportunity to become better each day!


The Relish Company

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