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5 Cool Food Products Featured on Shark Tank

The reality show Shark Tank allows aspiring entrepreneurs to present their products before a panel of investors, so they can forge powerful connections and fund their growing businesses. Some products are awesome and helpful, while others are downright weird. Here, we’ve compiled a list of five ingenious food products that the sharks chose to invest in.


When you go down to the beach, it’s always disappointing to see plastic bags floating across the sand like a Jersey Shore tumbleweed. Plastic silverware and cups can be found scattered pretty much anywhere. Loliware offers a new solution to disposable drinkware. They produce edible disposable cups made from ingredients like fruit, organic sweeteners, and seaweed. The cups come in four flavors, including Tart Cherry and Vanilla Bean. That’s not all! The company is also endeavoring to replace plastic straws with the Lolistraw, available for pre-order on their website. They’re environmentally friendly and they seem like fun, so next time you have a party, treat your guests to some edible drinkware.

Peaceful Fruits

As acai bowls grow more and more popular by the minute, companies are trying to find other ways to capitalize on the trend. Peaceful Fruits did just that with their organic, acai-infused fruit snack strips. They have a whole range of flavors, from original acai to passionfruit. Plus, Peaceful Fruits is a huge supporter of rainforests, with a portion of their proceeds being donated to save the forests and all of their acai berry purchases occurring directly from Amazon communities.

My Fruity Faces

Cookies, chips, and other junk foods are marketed with fun and engaging cartoon characters for kids. So why can’t we treat fruit and veggies the same way? My Fruity Faces was started by a group of dads who were struggling to get their kids eating healthy. They produced edible stickers with fun characters that can easily be used on fruits and veggies to make them more appetizing to kids. Don’t worry, the fun doesn’t have to be just for the little ones. Adults can order edible promotional stickers for a fun event like a business barbecue.

Baker’s Edge

Brownies are a classic dessert, and everyone knows that the corner and edge pieces are the best. With a regular baking pan, someone will always be stuck with the unwanted center. Baker’s Edge has solved this problem by designing an S-shaped pan that makes every piece an edge piece. They also make lasagna and muffin pans. So next time you’re making brownies for edge-lovers, try using a pan like this!


Probably the strangest addition to this list is Chapul’s protein bars. Protein bars are a popular snack for people on the go. The source of protein in these bars comes from a unique source - cricket in six-legged, chirping crickets. Surprisingly, cricket flour is actually really good for you, and it’s indistinguishable from traditional flour when mixed with other ingredients. They’re a great option for people who have soy and dairy-free diets, on top of being a really great conversation-starter. You can also buy cricket protein powder on their website for a twist on regular protein shakes and smoothies.

Next time you’re flipping through channels, keep an eye out for Shark Tank. Maybe you will discover another funky food product that you want to try. Maybe, one day, you'll see us pitching our idea for next big hot dog creation.

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