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6 Things To Do When You're Bored With Sunbathing


Lying on the beach and relaxing is only part of summer fun at the Jersey Shore. You can do a lot more than just swim and sunbathe on the beach! Here are six other activities to check out this season if you’re looking for an alternative form of entertainment.

Movies on the Beach

You’re sure to find a beach near you that shows movies on the sand on summer nights. Belmar, Jenkinson’s, and Seaside Heights all have calendars on their websites with movie schedules that will appeal to adults and children alike. Everything from Disney’s Coco to classic movies like Jaws are in the lineup. So, if you’re a movie fanatic, pack up your beach towels and chairs and head down to the shore on the summer weekends instead of sitting at home on the couch. It’s definitely a good time to watch movies on the beach with a bunch of friends, enjoying the beautiful summer weather!


At the shore, there’s never a shortage of food joints that serve delicious boardwalk classics like super sweet ice cream and acai bowls. These delicious food joints get a lot of attention during the summer season; however, there are also some really awesome boutique shops near these food joints that could use a bit more love from customers. All of them are unique and local - there’s nothing like them anywhere else. Whether you’re walking through Convention Hall in Asbury Park or strolling down Main Street in Bradley Beach, there’s sure to be a little, local shop with tons of cool stuff for you to check out.

Mini Golf

A fun activity for people of all ages, mini golf is a summertime classic pretty much anywhere you go. Mini golf establishments can be found near many of the Jersey Shore beaches. The Asbury Park boardwalk, the Bradley Beach boardwalk, and the 9th Avenue Pier in Belmar all have their own courses. Grab some buddies for a little bit of friendly competition and a lot of laughter (because let’s be honest, is anyone really that good at mini golf?).


If you need to get out of the sun for a bit, stepping into an arcade and winning a few prizes is always fun. Silverball Museum in Asbury Park has retro pinball machines that date back to the 1930s. People spend hours in the arcade trying to get their names up on the high score boards. On the boardwalk at Jenkinson’s, there are more traditional arcades lining the beach with skee ball and all the latest video games. Whether you go for a more retro or modern vibe, arcades will be sure to keep you entertained for quite a while.

Amusement Rides

For those of us who crave a bit of adrenaline to wake us up after our napping on the sand, places like Jenkinson’s and Seaside Heights are perfect. The boardwalk games are great for a little friendly competition and the chance to win cool prizes and the amusement rides will make your head spin (in the best way possible).

If you’re looking to break up your regular beach routine, try out some of these activities this summer.

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