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5 Belmar Nightlife Spots You Need to Check Out This Summer

There is no doubt that the Jersey Shore has some of the greatest nightlife. From Ladies Nights to Happy Hours, from live music to dj’s, the Jersey Shore has it all. Luckily, we are located right in the heart of Belmar, a key spot when it comes to Jersey Shore nightlife. We know you have a lot going on in the summer, but here are five Belmar nightlife spots you need to check out this summer.

Bar Anticipation (Bar A)

At first glance at night, it may not look like much, but once you enter Bar A you will find a unique layout with great dance floors, great music and sometimes even a mermaid or two! Every Tuesday, Bar A hosts “Beat the Clock”, where, at 8 p.m., cups of Bud Lite are on sale for 50 cents. Then, every hour, the price of the beer increases 25 cents until midnight. It typically leans towards a younger crowd, but Bar A is definitely a place you should visit this summer if you're looking for a good time!


If you are more into the club scene, D’Jais is the place for you. Ranked 4th in Fun New Jersey’s 100 Best Bars at the Shore, D’Jais is one of the more popular clubs in the area that became famous in the 70's when it was a regular place to hear the legendary Bruce Springsteen play. Today, they may not have any big rock stars performing, but they do have a variety of talented dj’s on the table.

Boathouse Bar and Grill

The Boathouse Bar and Grill is a place for everyone. It's got everything from great prices on food and drinks to an outstanding atmosphere. You can bust some moves out on the dance floor, take a break outside at a table, or play some pool with friends. On weekends, it is a big hub for some live music and entertainment.

Marina Grille

One of the newest the spots in Belmar, having opened last spring, the Marina Grille has it all. You can enjoy good food, live entertainment, and, thanks to its location on Shark River, some of the best sunset views in town. Eat dinner and watch the sunset on the lavish, outdoor patio in the early evening or stay out later in the night and enjoy some live entertainment with a few drinks.

9th Ave Pier

9th Ave. is owned by the same people who run Marina Grille. It is an all outdoor bar located on a pier overlooking Shark River. Known for its rum buckets like the “Miss Belmar”, 9th Ave is a great place to watch the sunset while enjoying some live music (and taking high quality sunset Instagram pictures of course).

The Jersey Shore is filled with lively nightlife, from Point Pleasant to Asbury and every place in between. We only listed the places in our Belmar backyard, but there are dozens of places to try. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and have a good time.

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