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How to Host the Shore's Best Barbecue

It’s summer, and you know what that means - it’s barbecue season! All across America, families are breaking out the lawn chairs, slicing up watermelons, and grilling hotdogs and hamburgers in the backyard. If you’re looking to host a barbecue of your own this season, check out these tips for an afternoon that your friends and family will never stop talking about!

Pick a theme

It doesn’t need to be a holiday for you to have a themed party - just grab some dollar-store decorations and spruce up the deck a bit! Using napkins, plates and cups that have similar designs will bring everything together and look much neater than mismatched paper products and plastic silverware. Chips and pretzels look a lot better in cool, patterned bowls. You can also change up your food presentation to be a bit more decorative - when you put out some vegetables and dip, try arranging them in rainbow order instead of tossing it all on the plate. Maybe get snacks of a certain color to fit whatever theme you have chosen. A little effort goes a long way in impressing your guests.

Try a new twist on a classic food

Corn on the cob will always be a barbecue classic, but sometimes you need to spice things up a bit. Butter and salt are the basics, but you can season your corn with practically anything. Get adventurous! Try using garlic butter if you’re looking for a little change, or chili powder and pepper if you’re looking for a little more kick. A barbecue is a great opportunity to test out new recipes with a hungry crowd!

Mix up the drink selection

Punch isn’t just for high school dances. To make an impression on your guests, try stirring up something new in addition to the standard coolers of water, soda and beer. There are lots of fun drink recipes online. Try a fun, flavored lemonade for kids and teens, or a homemade sangria pitcher for your adult guests.

Throw your own backyard Olympics

A summer barbecue is the perfect opportunity to use all of the yard games that are collecting dust in your garage or basement. Put up the volleyball net and set out the cornhole boards, to spark a bit of friendly competition. Little kids will love to use sidewalk chalk or blow bubbles. If it’s especially hot, break out the water guns or blow up some water balloons for a thrilling cool-down session.

Use music to set the scene

Hook your phone up to an outdoor bluetooth speaker so your family and friends can listen to music while they socialize. You could play music directly from the radio, or get more hands-on and make a personalized playlist with songs that you know your guests will like. Include more modern hits for a younger crowd, or throw it back to the ‘80s and ‘90s for adults that are feeling nostalgic. Either way, people will definitely notice and appreciate a music selection that is tailored to them.

Now that you’re feeling inspired, call up a few friends and see what they’re up to - it’s time for an entertaining afternoon of food and fun.

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