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'Just a Taste' of the Mongos

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Waiting on Mongo is an award-winning, seven piece, funk-jam band based out of Asbury Park, N.J. With keys, horns, drums, and guitars, Waiting on Mongo has everything they need to produce a unique sound that is sure to get you dancing. We had a chance to sit with one of the band members and ask some of the questions that their fans are dying to know--- how they got their start, band dynamic, thoughts on know, the usual.

How did you guys all meet?

So, the core four people in the group (the keys, guitar, bass, and drums) all grew up in the small town of Avon, N.J. We were all friends who just decided to start jamming on instruments.

What got you into playing instruments?

My family and friends inspired us to pick up instruments. We were originally three guitarists and one drummer. Then, one day, we decided that if we want to be a band, at least one of us should take up another instrument.

How long have you guys been playing for?

We’ve all been playing music for a few years now. We’ve been a seven member group for about two or three years now. Mongo and TJ picked up their instruments five or six years ago. They were fast learners!

With seven members, is it harder to make band decisions?

With seven members, it’s EXTREMELY hard to make decisions. Although, we do seem to get it done. We work as a team on basically everything.

Do you guys mostly play in Asbury Park or do you branch out at all?

We play in Asbury a lot, but we’ve been making our rounds around the country . Every year, we play on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans for the Jazz [& Heritage] Festival . After that, we tour our way back up the country. We also play in New York City, Philadelphia, Vermont quite often throughout the year as well.

What’s been your favorite venue to play?

Definitely, Convention Hall [in Asbury Park] for Halloween this past year. It was in the biggest and most historic room; and we played to such an epic crowd.

What’s a personal favorite song of yours to play?

Anything by the Allman Brothers.

What’s the most people you have played for?

Probably 1000+.

What’s your funniest story from playing a show?

We brought our dog on a little weekend run that we had in the Northeast. The hotel had an indoor pool with a slide. We decided to bring our dog down the slide into the pool. We didn’t know at the time, but it was all caught on camera! It was pretty hilarious.

Are you a hot dog person or a sausage person?

Definitely, hot dog.

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

A hot dog is an open-faced sandwich.

If you could make your own signature hot dog, what would it have on it? And what would you call it?

It would be a hot dog with onions, mushrooms, ketchup, and mustard. We would call it the Mongo dog!

Are you pro- or anti-ketchup on hot dogs?

Pro ketchup on dogs !

Hot dog or popcorn at a baseball game?

Hot dog over popcorn every time!

Waiting on Mongo just released their first EP, called "Just a Taste". Stream it here.

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